I'll go with the Kia Soul. The vent window frame forward from the C pillar is a straight vertical (on other cars, lIke the Mazda3 hatch, that line is angled), and the back end appears truncated and is almost vertical, like the Kia. The beltline batches, as does the rear wheel well. And the front-end blur where the… » 6/26/14 11:55pm 6/26/14 11:55pm

Here's what I'd do. Since Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is a combination of both Fiat and Chrysler now, why not peel Dodge away from Chrysler-Jeep-Ram dealers and pair that American performance marque with Alfa Romeo? A combined Alfa-Dodge (or Dodge-Alfa) dealership might make for a tumescence-inducing experience for… » 2/24/14 10:34am 2/24/14 10:34am

I'm not sure the writer of that Ad Age piece picked up the corporate strategy behind that admittedly expensive commercial. It wasn't about pitching Ghibli the car; it was about launching, or re-launching, Maserati as a brand in the U.S. — specifically, as the premium brand in the Fiat Chrysler portfolio of marques… » 2/11/14 6:20pm 2/11/14 6:20pm

The Maserati ad was thoroughly in keeping with the recent Chrysler (now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) tradition of mini-epic Super Bowl ads. What this ad was really about was that it announced Maserati as the top-end marque of the luxury hierarchy in the FCA brand portfolio. That point was unspoken, but if you've been… » 2/03/14 1:56pm 2/03/14 1:56pm

Shouldn't this headline read: "White Man Shoots New Black Neighbors He Thought Were Stealing From His Property"? I mean, the shooter is white, the victims were black, the victims were shot from afar, and it happened in West Virginia, so racism may play a part in what fueled the shooter's knee-jerk response. » 1/27/14 12:24pm 1/27/14 12:24pm